Monday, December 19, 2011

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Xmas Update is out!

Another day and another update is out!

+ New material allows you to turn objects into breakable ice! 
+ 5 brand new ice levels! 
+ Bug fixes. 

IAP: Christmas themed Santa characters added.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Easy Update is out!


+ He sees more Checkpoints in all levels.
+ Easier than Baron but just as cool as he is!
+ Whole new Domovoi Leaderboard for more casual challenge!

22 Featured Best of the Best user levels with new Goals!
• 12 new easy levels!
• 5 new medium levels!
• 3 new hard levels
• 2 new extreme levels!

Twitter integration!
• Tweet your levels!

+ Retry from Beginning -button added
+ More sound effects added
+ More controls for Sounds (Adjust volume of sounds, music and/or background crowd)
+ All levels now feature additional Domovoi checkpoints only visible and usable by him, keeping Baron campaign as hard as it was before!
+ Various small fixes in level flow and structure.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Bike Baron Level Creation Contest! Winner gets iPad 2!

Players have created over 20 000 user levels in Bike Baron! To celebrate this great event Domovoi has organized a worldwide contest for all Barons & Baronesses to come up with the most magnificent level. The only limit is your imagination!

Click the poster for the full size version

When judging levels, these are the things we are going to focus on:
1) Creativity
2) Effort and Polish
3) Fun Factor

Awesome prizes:
1st prize : iPad 2 + your level in a future update of the game!
2nd prize : your level in a future update of the game!
3rd prize : your level in a future update of the game!

On the forums you find the Bike Baron section and under it, contests & fan art section.

There will be a thread for the entries. Do not make your own thread, just reply to the one we already have there.
In the reply you should say the level code for your level and your Game Center user name (not your account email, naturally). This way we can ensure that the level was made by you and not by someone else.

In case you don't have a GC user account, you can either create one or post your level code and real name as a reply to the contest entries thread.

Remember, in order to the level to show on our server with your user name, you need to be logged in GC when you start the game and create your level! You have until January 12th, 2012 (12.00 UTC +2 timezone) to post your entry.

After the submit time is over, we are going to publish lists of top entries in the competition, so that people can play and enjoy your creations!

The winners will be announced on January 24th, 2012. We will contact the 1st place winner through our forums for shipment details.

(NOTE: We have the right to modify your level before publishing it with the game, if seen necessary.) 

Everyone at Mountain Sheep & Qwiboo is very excited about the competition and we can't wait to get our hands on your grand designs! GOOD LUCK!

***IMPORTANT*** By submitting your level to the contest, you give Mountain Sheep, Inc. and Qwiboo full rights to distribute, edit and use the level in the game, public user level listings and featured user level listings. If two entries greatly resemble each other, Mountain Sheep, Inc. and Qwiboo has the right to favor the entry that was submitted first. ***IMPORTANT***

 Discussion about entries Mountain Sheep Forums

Friday, November 11, 2011


Exciting New Biker Domovoi featured in easy levels!


Eight Brand New Levels featuring new Goals, Challenges, Pumpkins and Bombkins! 

★ 3 new easy levels!
★ 3 new medium levels!
★ 2 new hard levels!

New level editor objects:
★ Collectible Pumpkin
★ The Evil Bombkin!
★ Round Bomb!

Level changes :
★ Improved and more fun Joker Cat III
★ Joker Baron IV goal changed (to all coins, 120 secs and finish)
★ Free Fall time goal eased by 2 seconds
★ Free Fall level also moved to later stages of easy levels
★ Joker Cat I coin moved slightly to work better with checkpoints
★ Messerschmitt Hills coin moved to work better with checkpoints
★ Various Easy levels have their times adjusted
★ Various bug fixes

 Join us @
 Follow Baron @
 Discover new levels @

Monday, November 7, 2011

Featured User Level - Way of Sun

Ladies and Gentlemen! Tonight (and/or Today) we have a special treat for you: A brilliantly and crazily excellent level named Way of Sun made by none other than great Aigledor himself!

This level is long, this level is pretty, this level is challenging. It took me 18 minutes 48 seconds and some pieces of second to finish and I enjoyed every meter/feet of it!

Warning: This level is hard. And long. And fun!

Featured User Levels - Collection 6

AFF4 - Slowfast - by Jussukka
AFK2 - Use the force - (no gc)
AFKI - sickness - (no gc)
AFQB - Nitrocoaster - (no gc)
AFYH - Death race - (no gc)
AFYF - Factory - by huwtyler
AG3H - Up!!! - by gutta1111
AG2Y - Irony - by You_Jelly_Bro
AG2D - Trial Trak - by gutta1111
AG7U - Ride the dragon - (no gc)

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Bike Baron sells 300 000 units!

NEWS: This week's featured user level is Northshore Adventure. The level download code is ABXC. The video shows a new driver called Domovoi which will be playable in the next update:

Press Release:

HELSINKI, Finland – Oct 27, 2011 – Bike Baron skyrockets to #1 in 62 countries

Bike Baron, the Ultimate Bike Game for iPhone and iPad, takes the #1 spot on the App Store in 62 countries within just days of its release. Produced with the Aqua Globs developer Qwiboo, Bike Baron becomes the most successful game launch by Mountain Sheep thus far surpassing the team’s previous titles, Minigore and Death Rally.

“We are very excited to see so many online levels being shared. It means more and more of our 300 000 players are unleashing their creativity, and we want to make sure they have the best tools available to do that,” says Vladimir Roth, co-creator of Bike Baron.

Bike Baron offers over 40 exciting tracks to play, more than 100 challenges to beat and many secrets to uncover. Players can create custom levels and share them with their friends, or compete with the world’s best using Game Center. The game supports iOS 5, as well as enhanced visuals and real-time shadows on iPhone 4S and iPad 2. The included level editor was used by the developers to create every level in the game and provides the players with unlimited resources to create any kind of level they want.

Bike Baron is available on the App Store for $0.99 for both iPhone and iPad. Featuring music by the Angry Birds, Dead Nation and Trine composer AriTunes, Bike Baron promises you a ride you will never forget.

Follow Bike Baron at:

Featured User Levels - Collection 3

AB3B - Trickathon - by nasa95
AB4B - Bombs and bumbs - by Kurosaki Ichigo
AB4U - always dIE - (no gc)
AB4X - Deserted - by nstrich
ACHZ - You must fly - (no gc) (Very speedy level!)
ACH6 - Be careful - by Keynel123
ACIO - First - by Nad87
ACIU - Helininja47.2 - by hilininja47
ACIX - The one - by j10w7
ACJD - Almost implossible - by Andrei B. (Slow on iphone 3gs)
ACNP - It’s a trap! - by Phat Nathan
ACMX - Badcrunch - (no gc)
ACMP - lyari race - by un narco
ACMN - Epic_journey - by runlikehell11 (Possibly extreme !)

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Featured User Levels - Collection 2

ABOJ - Curving dam - (no gc)
ABOO - Full speed action - by RobinRe123
ABOX - Final destruction - by Bertie5
ABOY - JiN fast - (no gc)
ABOZ - Crazy desert - by mitchigodo (Very hard level)
ABO5 - Desert winds - (no gc)
ABPB - Loop-Da-loopz - by Sticktron
ABP8 - Oooooomonkey 002 - by oooooomonkey
ABRB - Helllevel - by Angus19
ABWC - Kotakuv cross - (no gc)
ABVI - Urban hell - (no gc)
ABU2 - Extream fsn cz - by FILIPSN007
ABUV - nicholas - by Sgt Nic
AB2F - Blind - by bunzing

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Great Video Review of Bike Baron!

Check out this really well done review by CrazyMikesapps:


This is the first footage I've seen of the game running on iPhone 4S. I haven't got iPhone 4S myself because it's not out in Finland so it was great to see it in the video!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Bike Baron got featured!

Bike Baron is now Featured by Apple as GAME OF THE WEEK!!!

We can't wait to show you guys what we've been working on! Mirko has been crunching out awesome new levels and I heard a rumor there's gonna be a new playable character...

Stay tuned, Baron is just getting warmed up!

Featured User Levels - Collection 1

AMBF - Goro 2 - by peta44
AMBD - Up and Down - by FILIPSN007
ABMO - Insane - by FILIPSN007
ABMP - Ooooooo 001 - by oooooomonkey
ABMU - Simple Northshore - (no gc)
ABNU - Big jump at the End - by juicy904
ABNW - Freeriding - by TakenXXDeadly
ABNZ - Buried treasure - by JoelSixPack
ABN3 - Kevin - (no gc)

(screen from ABMO by FILIPSN007)

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Bike Baron App Store Screenshots!

Here's the official App Store screenshots of Bike Baron:

How to create a level in Bike Baron

Example of how to create a level in Bike Baron:

The play-through parts are normal speed and level creation parts have been sped up 5x.

The game is coming out on October 20th and the price is 0.99 USD.
It's an universal build. (works on iPhone, iPod and iPad)

Bike Baron is a co-creation of Mountain Sheep & Qwiboo.

Music by Ari Pulkkinen.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Brand new Bike Baron screenshots!

Main Menu (the name is Domobar & Tavern):

 Green Hills theme & some random sheep:

 Survived the sheep and getting closer to the finish line:

 The freezing Cold Mountains theme:

 Level Select screen after "unlock all" cheat code ;)

Strange folk inhabit the dark tavern...

The price is 99 cents

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Evolution of Bike Baron

This is how Bike Baron has evolved over the past year:

(Homer Simpson model is just a joke, it's not part of the final game.)

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The first Bike Baron gameplay video!

For the best quality click on the link and watch in 720p

Monday, July 18, 2011

Bike Baron Announcement!

From the developers of Minigore, Death Rally and Aqua Globs comes the ULTIMATE BIKE GAME for iPhone and iPad!

More details will be revealed once we get closer to release!
You can follow the Baron on