Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Featured User Levels - Collection 7

AHAN - Swoopyloops - by John.M.I 
AG9T - Pop! - (no gc) 
AG8P - Epic - by mrman910 
AHHZ - Hardest game - (no gc) 
AHGU - I fly roundly 2 - by HairyFairy16 
AHTS - Demolition Freefall - by Airstrike42 
AHSO - Rollerscaffolding - by chullyman 
AHR4 - Na6 - (no gc) 
AHWB - Alex flip fest - by optimushiam


  1. @Dan, had trouble finishing your track. turns out i am not good enough. As payback, I present to you THE CATAPULT!!! Watch as the track self assembles from the sky before your eyes. Forced flips, Bomkin elevations and domino section that can be a pain in the butt. lemme know what you think...


    Hey Devs, one thing i noticed while building this is that the Bike Baron's tires can penetrate the dynamic pieces if he falls on them at the right angle.

  2. ASXR DEAD MANS PARTY¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡

  3. Try my newest level, AS2H, " BARON'S INSANE!!!"

  4. worst collection so far. rocketboosters and loops are not funny. falling bridges etc are not funny. not one track was done proper.

    if these are the best ones of all claimed 15.000 user tracks, the community must consist of 2 yr olds.

    add leaderboards or the game will die fast.

  5. Please try mine !! AU4P , the star at the end is possible ! give me feedback , thx

  6. and AUSR, a very small one, a bit tricky to get the 2 coins!

  7. au67 if someone want to have real fun.. no stupid loop and stuff like that, real chalenge

  8. @Uppis, AVIU is really great man, took me while to finish. I'ill try AVEO later today! good job !

  9. Thx man! I played all your levels and best was AU4P :) first time i finished it take me about 10 mins:D but second time 1.50min :)

  10. AWYB - Pumkin in the hole! Hit the Pumkin at the right time to complete the level.

  11. @Uppis, did both of yours, very nice man! i have a new one on the way ! Ill share when done, take care

  12. AS39 is totally sick. Totally addicting. Fastest is 7.37 but the times over 15 seconds are the most fun as it means you have to navigate being thrown around a lot!