Thursday, January 26, 2012

Problems with the update

Hello everyone!

As some of you have already noticed, there seems to be a problem to get the newest update working for some people. We are aware about this issue and are investigating further. There is nothing wrong with the update itself, but the update process is not working properly in some countries. Sadly there is no waterproof solution for this since it is something that is out of our hands. We received some reports saying that it started working after a while for others, while for others it still remains broken.

We submitted a new update this morning to get around this issue. The new update contains 1 new level and the main purpose for the update is to replace the current update instead of adding lots of content.

We apologize for the inconvenience! Sit tight, help is on the way! :)

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Level Creation Contest Results!

Greetings Barons!

The moment you all have been waiting for is now, the announcement of winners in our Level Creation Contest. The overall quality of the levels was very high and it was great to see all those creative Baron twisting rollercoasters! We had tons of fun!

Choosing the winner was tricky, but in the end what made the difference between the top 3 and the rest of the levels was the amount of polish when dynamic objects, bombs and ice were used.

So, without a further ado, here goes:

1st prize - iPad 2 and level featured in the game! 
Forum user Vouhake / GC Vouhake 
with level BHHD "Don't Stop" 

2nd prize - Level featured in the game! 

Forum user aall / GC aahoo- 
with level BMUY "the Verdict" 

3rd prize - Level featured in the game! 
Forum user Baby Karat / GC Cheddar Moon 
with level AV5P "The High Road"

Congratulations to all the winners!!!


Also, a special mention goes to Roflmaolab for making the sick hard flip in level BCZK - Somersault Technique! This was something we had never seen before! Special mention for using Ice as a trigger for dynamic objects goes to aall /aahoo- in level BMUY - The Verdict! Really smooth and polished job!

AYEP Contraptionized by Linden
BHVS Gladiator by BikeBaronForever a.k.a. bikebaronrules
ASFD Vertigotrout by Jamestrout
BIUK Flipin Flip Flip by marcmyia
A9JP Shane Ice by Sneedly a.k.a. TheTunaBomber
A6XS Ice Breaker by z10th a.k.a. z3al0t

Thanks everyone who participated in this Grand Adventure!

Best Regards,
Bike Baron