Tuesday, October 18, 2011

How to create a level in Bike Baron

Example of how to create a level in Bike Baron:

The play-through parts are normal speed and level creation parts have been sped up 5x.

The game is coming out on October 20th and the price is 0.99 USD.
It's an universal build. (works on iPhone, iPod and iPad)

Bike Baron is a co-creation of Mountain Sheep & Qwiboo.

Music by Ari Pulkkinen.


  1. Its pretty all that but how can i contect you for rate your game...its my last request !

  2. Nmacipad: There's a feedback form at http://mountainsheep.net/ which you can fill with your information. We don't hand out promo codes unless we know what news site you're representing.

  3. Thanks to respond me ! I send my mail please respond ;)

  4. Can't wait guys =) it's gonna be awesome

  5. It looks like a really good game I will be downloading it I have Apple ipad2 so it should be good.