Friday, November 11, 2011


Exciting New Biker Domovoi featured in easy levels!


Eight Brand New Levels featuring new Goals, Challenges, Pumpkins and Bombkins! 

★ 3 new easy levels!
★ 3 new medium levels!
★ 2 new hard levels!

New level editor objects:
★ Collectible Pumpkin
★ The Evil Bombkin!
★ Round Bomb!

Level changes :
★ Improved and more fun Joker Cat III
★ Joker Baron IV goal changed (to all coins, 120 secs and finish)
★ Free Fall time goal eased by 2 seconds
★ Free Fall level also moved to later stages of easy levels
★ Joker Cat I coin moved slightly to work better with checkpoints
★ Messerschmitt Hills coin moved to work better with checkpoints
★ Various Easy levels have their times adjusted
★ Various bug fixes

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  1. Yeah, I was beginning to wonder if the original Joker Cat III was a sick joke meant to torture us endlessly... did ANYONE beat that one? I won't believe it unless I see footage!
    Thanks app makers for the awesome update, it's been awesome so far =)

  2. People did actually beat the level. I don't know if anyone except me got the time goal... I shouldn't make easier levels AFTER I've made / tested Joker Baron IV :)

  3. The update to joker cat III was more then welcome, actually beat the level. But still, Dragon's teeth, gotta say, its impossible :'(

  4. Even though the impossible Dragon's Teeth, I love this game!