Monday, October 31, 2011

Featured User Levels - Collection 4

ACST - Loooooong ways! - by JokeY1993
ACSH - Level o doom - by Doonfan

ACRX - Bust a! - by Oo sleepSHock

AFRO - Nearly Impossible - by Gamigo78 (Extreme !)

ACWK - Crazy - by terroristiristo

ACU8 - \level \☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆ - by bete.o

ACTX - Flip dip oooops - by Jesse Diamond

ACZZ - Drawrof - by dirtymonkee

ACZT - The Slope - by ayman910

ACZS - Esrever - by dirtymonkee

ACY2 - Stevecoaster - (no gc)

ACYV - Fred1 - by FredBolduc

ACYH - quality air time - by Default...

ACX3 - Funrun - by Rooteboy


  1. Thanks for featuring my level :)

  2. here my levels:

    booman: AI8J

    ooga booga: AIW7

    crazy bomb: AJG9

    Enjoy :)

  3. The best is AJWB

  4. AJ7J - SKYWiRE: LEVEL BB. A level based on the game Skywire.

  5. AKR8 try it. My highest score is 27:46. Anyone think they can beat that? (I pretty sure someone will)

  6. I've done some attempt on a little tomb raider series called TOMB BiKER.
    AKRD - Curse Of Flight. This is a tomb where jet packs try to send you into traps that will make you have to restart.
    AKTP - Dessert Wind. Fly through the dessert to the entrance of a pyramid (the end) if you get the speed right, you can end up sitting on a thrown.

  7. AKZU- Nostalgia
    Only for those who consider themselves true gamers. If you can find all the classic video game references then you succeed. Enjoy