Friday, March 23, 2012

MILLIONS of Bike Barons worldwide!

Press Release:

Bike Baron, the motorcycle daredevil, made a huge entrance to the iOS market back in October 2011. Now, after 5 months and 7 updates, Bike Baron is celebrating the landmark of 2,000,000 downloads. In addition, players have spent a total of 50,000 hours to build and share over 100,000 custom levels for the game!

"Bike Baron shows no signs of stopping anytime soon. In fact, our recent level design contest resulted in us hiring the winner to build even more awesome levels for the game. New playable characters are on their way and the game was just updated to take full advantage of the new iPad. Our next and biggest update will introduce Bike Baron in his prime about 50 years ago, when he was known as the Young Ace!" says Jussi Niemelä, office manager of Mountain Sheep, Inc.

Bike Baron is available on the App Store for $0.99 for both iPhone and iPad. Featuring music by the Angry Birds, Dead Nation and Trine composer AriTunes, Bike Baron promises you a ride you will never forget.

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  1. Sweet!! Anymore jobs going? My resume is the 30+ tracks ive made LOL

  2. Yea, that is cool and everything, but will you put some new top played levels?

    Here are my best, and realy epic levels (those are levels I have realy tryed and tryed to create. Hope you guy's may like em. Please post your comments and tips that will help me with my new epic incoming levels.):

    1. The happy day
      -CODE: DDVB
      -DIFFICULTY: normal
      -TIME NEEDED: 4min

    2. The big bang
      -CODE: DAQK
      -DIFFICULTY: hard
      -TIME NEEDED: 14min

    Making the 3rd level. Hope the third will be cool like these here. Please post them, and keep up the good work.

    1. Wow, the happy day is normal? I'll say its EXTREME, by the way. AWESOME level man!

    2. Hey g-dog I beat the happy day in under twenty seconds and can you tell me what you think on my levels
      DRPS too hard 10mins
      DJSM -immpossible 2mins
      DH8E - Child proof 4mins

  3. Try my newest and my firt easy level!

    Stalagmit Stalagtit

    The code is DEMP


    1. The level is realy unusualy cool created. Altough you might wanna make it bigger, and do some stuff at the current end. Two more of my levels are coming, and I am trying to make them cool like these. Takes me a lot of time tough.

    2. Thanks G-Dog! I really appreciate about that! My first idea was making an ice tunnel that has stalagmits, stalagtits, and some obstacle. It mite be a short level, but i will expand it to be long, and more! Thanks for youre advice man! And i love youre levels to man! Keep up the AWESOME work...

  4. G-DOG, I really enjoyed your levels!

    Try my levels:

    1) C5X5 "NUTS" (MEDIUM)
    3) C6O3 "I LOVE YOU" (HARD)
    4) C2MG "SO CLOSE" (HARD)

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. 1.) "NUTS" 
      -> Difficulty in my taste (HARD)
      -> What would I do (you should put some more work in it. Put some black boards in the back, perhaps)
      -> My final toughts (little more work on the details, and you can make a masterpiece hard level)
      2.) "LIKE A PRO"
      -> Difficulty in my taste (round EASY and NORMAL)
      -> What would I do (same as I would do in the 1st level - put some work in it; share it again; and make it a NORMAL level, or with more work, a HARD, or even an EXTREME level)
      -> My final toughts (cool lvl.)
      3.) "I LOVE YOU"
      -> Difficulty in my taste (HARD)
      -> What would I do (again, more work if you want it to be one of the best levels)
      -> My final toughts (an awesome level, hard in some parts (and that is especially cool, cause you must do everything very accurate), and with more work you can make a top level.
      4,) "SO CLOSE"
      ->  Difficulty in my taste (HARD)
      -> What would I do (need's some work. Especially at the begining, cause, if you aren't aware, I can cheat, and pass the level within 30 second's, but if you fix the problem, it is about 3 min.
      -> My final toughts (best level out of these 4, but needs some undoing with that begining faliure.

      The levels are cool, but with some work, you can make some pretty cool levels.

      P.S. I adore small, but hard levels, so your last level was awesome, but you need to fill that hole I was talking about. Cool levels man. :P

    3. There has been a faliure, so when I have copy the text from my iPad, it loaded only 1/4 of it. Anyway, here are my toughts. :)

  5. I dare anyone to play my level!!!!!

    Name:Dare You To Play

    1. I have played it, and liked it. Hard at one part, but I had no trouble passing the other parts. Add some more things to it. ;)

    2. Wow! Very comprehensive reply!))) Many thanks, man! I'll try to make some improvements and share it again!
      Did you really managed to cheat on "So close"? I tried many times without any chance (with ice part of tunnel)

    3. Yes, I did. No trouble tough, don't know how you didn't managed to do it. On the other hand, after I have downloaded it, and started playing, I had some trouble at the first two parts (the tight one, and the rocket part (died in both parts quite some times)), and didn't cheat. But after I have finished it, I was looking for some faliure's, so I can tell, and help you. If you manage to fill the hole, I will play it again. Keep up the good work m8. ;)

  6. I thank all of the guy's that played my levels, and I will gladly try theirs. Thanks again guy's. :P

  7. DGAB - "NUTZ" (edited a little, but now you cannot use shortcut because of ice part of ramp, and it's more difficult at finish)

    1. Tryed it, and it is great like it was, but there is only ONE coin. Why didn't you add more. You played my level The Big Bang, and if you passed my hardest impossible part, you will see that I have put the coins on the hard positions. Why don't you do the same? :) O and two more things. You can put the bombs at the first checkpoint, behind the checkpoint. There is a way to get on the platform WITHOUT the speed. The second thing is that you should lower the exit, so you could fool the players that played it.


      P.S. I have saw that you REEEEEEEEEEALY like the tight tunnels. Hahahahahahaha ;)

  8. This is a race course that i made and I would really like to see someone get a better time than 20.375!!!! (that is my record)
    Certainly not going to be easy!!!
    Good luck

    Code: CJRN

  9. My time is 20.426. It is a cool level, but needs time on the details. Sorry about me dissagreeing, but I think the level is easy. Your record (if it is real, and I believe, aaaaand hope it is) is impossible to beat. Believe me or don't, I am a very exp. player. I am absolutely not on the top, but I know to play it very well. My 404 stars, with all unlocked levels may not be at the top (they can be at the middle), but they are deffinetly much of a chalenge to earn. Anyway, your level is cool, but, as I said, it needs work at the details. Especially at the part where you jump, and get with your bike on that "flying" board.

    My final toughts (cool level, and could be at the top of every (sorry, but) easy levels, with more work on the details.


    P.S. Here is a message to all players that do not know how to get a bigger speed. Simple :). You just get to the back wheel as many times as you can, and try to hold the balance. The more times you are on the ground; get on the back wheel (and especially if there is a realy steem part of the track), the better time you will have. -> Hope this helped other players. Have a great time playing the Bike Baron, and keep up the good work creating levels. ;)

    1. G-DOG, it's possible! My time is 20,343

    2. If you say so m8. I believe you. :P

    3. Try my other levels that you haven't try it.

      Short Yet Hard, the code is CGCK

      Ice N Bomb, the code is CJUO

      Short Yet Difficult, the code is CJW3

      *{[($N!)]}*, the code is A2NO

      Can You Reach It?, the code is CRJI

      Bomb N Ice, the code is CTXD

      No Checkpoints!!!, the code is CWBO

      Reach If You Can!!!, the code is CWB9

      Tell me, what do you think? And after that, i have another new level that i wanna post. But its not done yet. Tell me when youre done!

    4. Okay, here it is. My new level, Rollercoaster.

      The level code is DHEK

      Enjoy Everyone!

  10. This comment has been removed by the author.

  11. Good as always, but it still needs work with the coins. Place them somehow that the Baron can pick em up.

  12. The City
    CODE: DHT9
    My new level. Try to pass it with the Baron. Hehe, impossible.
    It is not done yet, and the ending is dum. This is just a quick peek on the incoming level.

  13. Easy As Coin
    Code is DJJN
    Fun, easy, and well. Just try it!

  14. A-Z
    Code is DM46
    Hard, and fun!
    Its an alphabet level, from A to Z

  15. Deserted Ways
    Code: DOQ9
    Difficulty: Normal

    Give me a response and tell me what to change ;)

  16. levels i have spent a lot of time on and that are realy polished and fun.....

    DAVU (get on up) short n hardish
    B2GB (time and effort) quite long hardish track
    DAVX (wait for it) nice medium track with fun physics
    DAV3 (counter productive) fun track that involves traveling away from the finish in order to find the end
    DAV5 (ultimate arena) a extreme track but not annoyingly so
    DA6U (beastly trials) short extreme track

    i have more "in progress" levels these are some of my best..... fun and nice to look at

    give me a job plz :P

  17. rooftop run {DPUH} most recent level features a whole town with skyscrapers churches petrol station hotel casino and more..... not finished just thought id share whats done so far chex it oot :D

    1. Thats awesome (DPHU) go higher with a skyscraper i recon :)

    2. some more added today big skyscraper at the end have fun.....DQHM (updated more detail more buildings) also less red blocks stuck in between other blocks (caused lag)

  18. try my three levels

    DJSM - immpossible jump
    DH8E - Child proof

    1. Nice levels man..I'm stuck at 3rd checkpoint (yellow) in Child proof...after the ice spikes...what to do 2 move the red panel stuck between 2 ice blocks...

    2. You have to do a wheelie over the edge of the last block so just your back wheel is on then you hold stop and lean forward at the same time. The you hold lean back till you hit the ice then you go back to where you came from and back into the red block then go back forwards till it falls down then just back over it.. Btw thx for the comment

    3. P.s you have to ride the block with your rear wheel on the top and your body and your front wheel below the board thing

  19. loops n that BVM3,
    bit of fun DAVR,
    get on up DAVU,
    time and effort B2GB, ****personal favorite****
    wait for it DAVX,
    counter productive DAV3,
    ultimate arena DTKD,
    beastley trials DA6U,
    ice spikes DQQO,
    trials inspired DUID,****personal favorite****
    rooftop run DQHM, ****personal favorite****
    tunnel vision DSEZ, ****personal favorite****
    loopzilla DUA7.

    list to date all highly polished and detailed apart from the fist two tracks as they are, well my first two tracks.....

  20. Try my new 2 levels:

    The mixt level: CZO3
    The mixt level II: DTUV

    They are hard difficulty.
    Enjoy it!!!

  21. DU5W - Battery drainer. high detail, long, extreme, awesome.

  22. DYVS - My awesome jumps.. 30 sec.. my first level..

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