Thursday, January 26, 2012

Problems with the update

Hello everyone!

As some of you have already noticed, there seems to be a problem to get the newest update working for some people. We are aware about this issue and are investigating further. There is nothing wrong with the update itself, but the update process is not working properly in some countries. Sadly there is no waterproof solution for this since it is something that is out of our hands. We received some reports saying that it started working after a while for others, while for others it still remains broken.

We submitted a new update this morning to get around this issue. The new update contains 1 new level and the main purpose for the update is to replace the current update instead of adding lots of content.

We apologize for the inconvenience! Sit tight, help is on the way! :)


  1. Yeah, the update is not working (Germany). I'm looking foreward to hopefully get a working update

  2. Cmon, where is the working update? I have purchased the game and can't play it since 5 days!

  3. Hey.
    I built a cool level:
    His name is "Ice".
    And the code: BZ6K.

    Enjoy :)

  4. Help is on the way? Where??? When???

  5. fiutare: Status of the update is "waiting for review". Usually approval of an update takes around a week. Hopefully it gets approved soon!

  6. New version 1.6 is out! Hopefully no more problems downloading it :)

  7. Well the 1.6 update finally showed up here in Finland. But updating still wasn't that smooth.

    The Bike Baron app has had a 0% progress bar for several days now. Trying to get the update didn't let me download it. A dialog just said that updating failed. Retry didn't help.

    I got the game to finally install and start by removing the old version first. Of course I lost all my several hours of progress in the process. So the question is: How do I get them BACK?

    Not feeling very positive about this whole ordeal... So it was the App Store's fault? How is it possible and is this the only app that has had these problems?

  8. add invinsible blocks :D it will be soo cool :D btw I just got the update...

  9. next update....
    1. add sticky blocks/ something you can stick to the ceiling
    2. add a wheel well, something you can attach the pieces to that spins, ex like a revolving door

  10. You made various fine points there. I did a search on the issue and found most folks will agree with your blog.