Thursday, December 8, 2011

Easy Update is out!


+ He sees more Checkpoints in all levels.
+ Easier than Baron but just as cool as he is!
+ Whole new Domovoi Leaderboard for more casual challenge!

22 Featured Best of the Best user levels with new Goals!
• 12 new easy levels!
• 5 new medium levels!
• 3 new hard levels
• 2 new extreme levels!

Twitter integration!
• Tweet your levels!

+ Retry from Beginning -button added
+ More sound effects added
+ More controls for Sounds (Adjust volume of sounds, music and/or background crowd)
+ All levels now feature additional Domovoi checkpoints only visible and usable by him, keeping Baron campaign as hard as it was before!
+ Various small fixes in level flow and structure.


  1. This is great! I played for a hour or so last night working on my 3-star ranking on the new levels. Thanks!

  2. I wanted to tip my hat to the developers for this. I started with this game very recently and just was playing having a great time, wondering why there were 2 different colored checkpoints. And why I was playing this big yeti looking guy. I was thankful for the fact that if I got a coin I didn't have to grab it again if I died. All around loved all the design decisions. Then I realized I was playing the second character and tried playing as the Barron. He is hard, and that is awesome, but I must admit if I had started the game playing it that way I would have been much more frustrated. So congrats on such a great decision. Allowing people to still experience the difficulty if they want it. But also allowing a newb like me to enjoy the fun of just playing the levels. Also I must admit, I generally avoid virtual controls, because I find it makes most games unbearable to play. But your controls work beautifully. So great job on that front as well!