Sunday, March 11, 2012

Sneak peek of next update!

We are working hard on next update to bring even more awesomeness into the game for you!

It will be fun to go back in time, to the days of a younger Baron :)

Any wishes how the cat should look when you play as Young Baron? If it's the same orange Gebetto that would be pretty funny too because then it's like 50 years old furball :)

Leave your ideas in the comments!


  1. Make the cat more look like garfield, round body, round ears, and a tail thats non pointy and has 1 or 2 stripes! And make the face more look like a happy cat :)

    And see my bike baron levels at

  2. let us have the cat as a playable character like on the loading screen! more stuff for editor too please

  3. i would love to have some Items we can buy with stars or some Upgrades that would be cool ;D

  4. Just make the cats eyes big and sparkly!

  5. Extra building materials,moving platforms,ghost platforms that appear then disapear,wind (fans) water (if traveling fast enough can skim across it) fire (same principale as water if travelling fast enough will come out unscathed or perish ect ect :)

  6. Add my super epic level to the game


    Preschool child I

  7. Ideas:
    - System for an better arrangement of downloaded and created levels
    - Missions for created levels (select all coins, 5x Back-flips...)
    - Make DOMOVOI as large as BIKE BARON (irritating in a few levels)
    - More obstacle (saw blades :P,... )
    - A penguin instead of the cat :D
    - Prepare for an easter pack

    btw some of my level codes:
    - Ice crasher CU4J
    - Physics CU4Q
    - No way back? C9RH

  8. C9SH is the best level that I've played in hard.

  9. It would be cool to make the cat look old, like he was benjamin button's cat or something, also, you should make young doromatov

  10. DAQK is the hard level I have created. Try passing it, what is impossible, but you will get a lot of swet tough.

    1. The Big Bang

      Hard level
      Code - DAQK

      Twice the hard, twice the fun, but twice the swet.

    2. Can you also please add it in the hard section. If possible in the extreme section. Please. :')

  11. It would be cool that the cat has a yellow hair (like a ritch cat), and what LSAK and jb210071said. Also that the joung Baron has a new colour of his bike. Blue perhaps.

    1. He doesn't even need to have a crosser. ;)

  12. It would also be cool to have ONLINE CHALENGES, but that they aren't over Open Fient, but you just log in with the account you have here, and done. So... there would be points you can earn, and a leaderboard on this page. It would also be cool if you can earn new parts and new bikes with those points you have. And when you play with someone, that you gamble your points, and that every player has its own character. But that is just my imagination. :/

  13. BTW guy's, how many stars do you have? I am at 401, with every unlocked level.

  14. Make an android version! lost my iphone recently, then i bought an android phone, and i miss BB so much!!!

  15. Change up is good.

    Try one of my tracks. Made two, and working on another. Put a lot of work into em.

  16. Bike baron for android!
    Bike baron for android!
    Bike baron for android!
    Bike baron for android!
    Bike baron for android!


  17. Remake my first comment,

    Short Yet Hard, the code is CGCK

    Ice N Bomb, the code is CJUO

    Short Yet Difficult, the code is CJW3

    *{[($N!)]}*, the code is A2NO

    Can You Reach It?, the code is CRJI

    Bomb N Ice, the code is CTXD

    No Checkpoints!!!, the code is CWBO

    Reach If You Can!!!, the code is CWB9

  18. Let make nitro accélération even your progress nitro bar is full

  19. Has everyone whos makeing levels for people to try forgot what made them love the game in the first place!!! Iv just had a go at a few downloadable levels, why are people makeing them so incredibly hard...or near impossible. Il have one or two goes at the these then try give up! Dont get me wrong being challenging is great, but to hard is just boreing, its the 'easy' and 'medium' levels which people go back and play time and time again when you have a few spare minutes.
    Theres nothing wrong with being able to finish a course!!!
    Infact it makes you want to play more!

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  21. Please enter this code: GZG8
    I create it for 30 minutes...
    It Is so easy...
    Please leave feedback...

  22. Hi! Bike Baron lovers! I'm the maker level of Bike Baron... Just ask me to make you levels! And please tell what mode do you want. Easy? Medium? Hard? Or Extreme? Just ask me... And please check the next chats
    And of you want to share, just give the code...
    The most awesome level Will get a SPECIAL LEVEL
    Thanks and leave feedback...

  23. Introducing the new MOON GARDEN
    The level was hard enough but you can pass it!
    This is the track name:
    2.Cloud Cave
    4.Cloud Cave
    5.Cloud Cave Roof
    6.Flying Bridge
    The code Is: H7PA

  24. Make it so we can do stunts!!! And mabye add a scooterer or a skateboarder!!!